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Odile Modulus

About us
Odile Moduls is a construction company with a long history and a lot of experience, which has been successfully operating in the construction industry for more than 20 years. Our company has gained wide recognition and trust not only in Latvia, but also in Scandinavian countries, participating in various construction projects.
Specializing in construction of building structures and monolithic concreting, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and high standard of work of our team. Each project is accepted with full responsibility and we implement the most advanced technologies to achieve excellent results.
By cooperating with Odile Modulus, you not only receive construction services, but also create a long-term partnership. We are here to ensure the successful development of your project, from the idea to the completion of the construction site, and deliver an excellent result that you can rely on in the long term.
Our team's strong vision and commitment guarantee that every project is executed with the highest quality and precision. We are ready to accept all kinds of challenges to create long-lasting and aesthetic solutions for clients who value a high standard of work and professionalism. We invite you to join us on the way to quality construction and excellent results!
Experience of completed construction works.

Odile Moduls Construction Stages

Construction Idea
We start each project with a careful development of the idea, understanding the wishes and requirements of the client.
Construction Sketch
We create accurate construction sketches, in which we include all the necessary elements to make the project visually expressive and practical.
Construction Project
Detailed project development, including technical solutions and budget planning.
Building permit
We actively provide all the necessary documents and permits to start the construction process.
Construction Process Realization
Careful and efficient management of the construction process, ensuring that all stages are carried out according to plan.
Commissioning of the building object
We complete each project with the commissioning of the construction site, making sure of its complete readiness and compliance with all regulations and standards.
We will provide consultation for your project
Our consultant will contact you to arrange a convenient visit time. We will coordinate your project timeline and cost plan as soon as possible.